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Site Map was created to help everyday consumers save money on their local telephone services (residential phone service and business telephone systems), ethernet T1, long distance calling, OC3 prices, ip pbx, frame relay cost , DS1 bandwidths, T3 networks, voip solutions, ethernet vpn, high speed internet access, cheap calling cards and many more. We are telecommunication consultants and our main goal is to help you save money. We are committed in making your online shopping experience as convenient and as safe as possible and are continually searching for the latest services from reputable telephone companies, long distance carriers, cellular and T1 providers. See our privacy policies so that you can feel at ease while shopping with us. Please recommend this site to others.
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  1. Goal: By putting a significant volume of traffic through our providers, we hav access to special pricing discounts that you just cannot get direct, or with many brokerage services. As a matter of fact, we were the top sales partner with many of our carriers – which ultimately benefits you if you do business with me.

  2. Low price guarantee: You won't find a better deal by going directly to our vendors or by going to another broker who sells these same vendors. How can we offer such a guarantee? We get special pricing because of our volume of sales.

  3. Mission: As a brokerage firm, we are not biased toward a particular service provider. We have access to over 30 carriers, which means we can find the service that fits you best, every time.

  4. Leverage: Although you as a consumer may only sign a telecommunications contract every few years, we help companies sign contracts every day. Using proprietary pricing software which is updated in real time, we have access to technology that allows us to guide you through the process of quoting, selecting an appropriate provider, provisioning and any customer service issues you may have.


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